The agencies that never respondĀ 

Maybe it’s just me, but has anybody ever had a response from Oscar Technology?

I’ve contacted them several times in response to job adverts they have run for which I am more than qualified and they have never ever responded.

They don’t answer the telephone either.

How can they possibly expect to recruit UK workers if they never respond and don’t answer the telephone?


Highly Skilled and Homeless Soon

Being a highly skilled IT worker in the UK sucks big time.

Just a few months ago we were celebrating the birth of our twin girls, but then work decided it was cheaper to sack a group of us and use illegal migrants to do our jobs – and so here we are 3 months from losing our home if daddy can’t get another highly skilled job pronto.

Our first children, a magical moment, great plans for the future, hopes and dreams and then everything shattered because here in GREAT Britain these two little girls who haven’t done anything to hurt anybody, who can’t do anything but greet me with the occasional gurgle and smile will be living on the streets at just 3 months old because politicians like David Cameron are too busy sucking up to big corporates rather than actually enforcing the laws that his Government passed.

What did my baby girls ever do to deserve this? But then, let’s be honest – nobody really gives a shit at the end of the day. Perhaps it would have been better if they’d never been born. I can’t see them surviving long as homeless babies. Not here in the GREAT Britain.

 We tried writing to our MP but her assistant said he had a backlog of mail to get through. Two little girls, 3 months old and hey – your MP’s too busy.

I’ll bet she’s getting her MP pension fattened up nicely with big juicy dividends from these corporates that are sucking the life out of my little girls. No wonder she doesn’t give a shit! She’s probably only in it for the pension and the expense account.

For those who have read about the skills crisis – don’t believe a fucking word of it. There is absolutely NO skills crisis. There are no jobs. Trust me – I’ve been applying for work right left and centre and every single one has come back and said they are swamped with applications.

That’s not a skills crisis. That’s a fucking unemployment crisis.

This whole thing stinks and me, my wife and my two little girls are just more statistics whilst MPs turn a blind eye.

Hey,  David Cameron, Theresa May – sleep well tonight cos you’ll burn in hell for what you’ve done to families and children all over this country. Not just my baby girls, but the children of my colleagues who lost their jobs and were replaced with illegal migrants and for all the other babies and children who have been molested and abused by your corruption.

And don’t say you didn’t know – I wrote to you as well. I even spoke to your staff. 

My own MP is just as guilty for doing nothing! I’ll name her later! The Devil’s probably got a special place for her. He must be so proud!